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For as long as I can remember I have had the desire to be creative. Prior to finding pottery I painted, sketched, did some weaving, cross-stitch, knitting and crocheting and loved making labels for gift wrapping.

I also tried my hand at making concrete pots. However, I found this frustrating as it seemed quite limiting especially with the fast drying time.

I then discovered pottery and knew I had found my passion. Pottery has allowed me to bring a number of these crafts together – painting and decorating pieces, coming up with new ideas and wrapping them nicely once sold.

I am passionate about pottery and the endless possibilities that can be created using your hands, imagination and some tools.

It still amazes me how a simple ball of clay sourced from the earth can be transformed into so many different things. Starting with raw dirt slowly changing it into something functional or sculptural that can be enjoyed for years to come.

With cost effective products being so readily available I endeavour to make bespoke, handmade pieces that are unique & timeless.


Production is on a considered scale, and whilst I repeat some of the more popular items, I prefer to keep creating new, different and individual pieces as much as possible.



I love adding real gold lustre detail to most of my pieces, it adds life and a little luxe to finish it nicely.

I am constantly thinking of new things to make and ways to decorate pieces, it has become an obsession! I try to create new things, however if there is a piece of mine you see that you like but want it done slightly differently I am happy to discuss options to make it special.


I want my pieces to be visibly hand-built with rims that may not be exact, seams that are still showing or a design that isn’t exact, these are all traces that time was taken to make each piece by hand.

I sometimes try to leave little elements of surprise whether it be a few gold ants climbing up the side, a gold rim or handle or continued design on the underside.

I am conscious about our environment and do my best to be as eco-friendly as I can. I try limit my water consumption, recycle as much clay as possible and I do my best to source shipping and packing materials that are environmentally kind.

I hope you enjoy using my pottery as much as I enjoyed making it.

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